David De Miko

Hi, I’m David.

I started this blog at the age of 27 – when I realized I had made enough money to retire and do what I really love – writing, reading, podcasting, networking & following my curiosities. 

My current curiosities are: learning Mandarin, blockchain, decentralization, physics, & economics. I tend to take one topic and study it for 3-4 months intensively, until I get it, and then move to another one. 

How you’ll benefit by reading my blog

After reading a few of my articles, you’ll quickly realize that I’m someone who values experimenting on my own skin. I tend to be the first one to implement a new habit, try a new nootropic, try a unique diet, or technique to learn a new skill. Hence, most of the articles will be based on my personal experience of failing, succeeding or discovering something new. 

Here are some of the topics I’m writing about: 

Yet most importantly… 

Some of the articles will be based on someone else’s concepts that I simply borrow and filter through my own unique view of life making it my “own”. These concepts are taken from physics, economics, psychology, evolution, spirituality, philosophy and other seekers of the truth. 

Yet even though I get to read and think a lot, it’s only my attempt to be less stupid. Yes, I might have some strong beliefs on certain topics, yet I have to warn you – some of them might change as the circumstances around me change. Therefore, I suggest you put a critical hat on, go through your own filters, and see if these concepts feel right to you with your own unique circumstances. 

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About me

Here are a few things you might want to know about me


  • By the age of 27 I “retired”. I made enough money by doing performance marketing, growing Sugatan agency, & getting equities from the businesses we work with.
  • Strategic advisor. I continue helping people build transformational businesses, however I only work with projects that I’m in love with. 
  • I’ve helped to build a mid-7-figure agency, generate over $200M+ in revenue for 3 brands in 2018-2020 and currently building a mastermind to connect like minded entrepreneurs to transform the world. 


  • Learning how to learn is a crucial part of my life & I continue to apply the same principles in building businesses or learning different topics. 
  • I reached B2 level in Spanish in about 3 months, B2 in German in 4 months, and B1 in Italian in 11 days. Learning how to learn is a crucial part of my life & I continue to apply the same principles in building businesses or learning different topics. 
  • I’m currently learning mandarin.
  • I read 6-8 books every month. On this blog, I post my book notes. 


  • Even though I don’t consider myself an active investor, investing has helped me accelerate my retirement by at least a few years. It’s not because of my unique ability, or experience, rather is the ability to see patterns and project my life in the future. My girlfriend jokes that I’m usually 2 years early. 
  • My interest in investing started only at 26. Because of it, I started to look at business in a much broader perspective. It allowed me to develop (and continue to develop) a robust decision-making process that would allow me to limit the impact from my emotions, and look at the opportunities objectively. It’s the same exact process that allows me to navigate tough decisions in my life and business.


  • Performance marketing brought me into the business world and I consider it a superpower for any individual.
  • Growth hacking. Because I’m an extremely impatient person, I want to grow businesses quickly and go to another opportunity. Growth hacking was just meant for a person like me. From 2018 to 2021 we grew our agency from 3 members to 80+. I directly help to scale businesses from almost 0 to $25M, $35M, and $50M in less than 2 years. 
  • Community-builder. Even though I grew most of the businesses by using paid media, I’m currently fascinated about building communities around the brands. These brands are much stronger and have a much longer shelf life.


  • I’ve lived in over 15 countries for at least over a month. Currently I call Mexico my home. 
  • Once restrictions are lifted, I’ll continue exploring this world and share my experiences with you.

Spiritual Warrior

  • Since my first psychedelic experience with Ayahuasca back in 2018, I’ve developed a strong interest into a spiritual world. It’s not uncommon to see me hanging around with hippies, or participating in spiritual ceremonies and rituals. 
  • I do transcendental meditation since 2020 & continue exploring different ways of disconnecting and reconnecting with myself.

Productivity Hacking

  • I entered the world of biohacking a month after my Ayahuasca experience. That’s when I realized how strongly substances can affect my entire being. Since then I’ve experimented with multiple ways to increase my productivity. 
  • I’m a big believer in building habits. I have a set morning routine I follow for the last 2 years, which includes transcendental meditation, morning journaling, & reading. I have some other habits that I constantly test with.